MUBIK and Metropolia in co-operation

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Mubik Entertainment Ltd. and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences have started co-operation on health-related game development.

Metropolia approached Mubik with a suggestion to participate in the EduDigi program which aims to develop new digital tools, such as gamified apps & mobile games, for an open innovation platform.

The project started on February 2018 and lasted until mid-May. The target of the project was to build a digital musical game for senior citizens and particularly those suffering from dementia. EduDigi program targets such applications to be used in education of occupational & music therapists as well as in geriatric education. The team of 4 students participated in a project, where new gaming method was developed based on patented MUBIK musical platform.

“Thanks to Metropolia and EduDigi program, we were given a whole development team for a certain period of time. A team of 2 developers, an artist and a producer gave their best effort to develop a new, simplified gaming method for elderly and other special groups. Development was done on an open development Platform Unity 3D. That gave us a useful springboard to extend our offering also to Android & other platforms beyond current iOS platform” says Mr. Ilkka Räsänen, CEO of Mubik Entertainment Ltd.

Mubik demonstrated their co-operation and products at the Metropolia stand at a Nursing exhibition on April, where among others MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen visited the Metropolia stand, including the Mubik booth.

Founded in 2012 and based in Espoo, Finland, Mubik develops music-based cognitive applications for the health & wellbeing sector, including use by consumers such as elderly people living at home, and institutional use for therapy and rehabilitation.

Further information:

CEO Ilkka Räsänen, Mubik Entertainment Ltd., Tel. +358 50 5968201,
Project Manager Heikki Santti, Metropolia, Tel. +358 40 1947355,

MUBIK accepted into DigiRehab consortium

Monday, May 28th, 2018


Mubik Entertainment Ltd. was accepted as a member by the Finnish board of the DigiRehab consortium.

The DigiRehab consortium was founded to integrate the best Finnish companies to co-operate and join forces. The aim is to have best possible preventive rehabilitation services, including several serious games. Mubik will develop direct DigiRehab integration to their forthcoming games and provide services for current applications to co-exist with the DigiRehab Server.

Current members include: SE Innovations, Turku Game Lab, Suunto, GoodLife Technology, eHoiva, Lingsoft, PhysioTools, HUR, Fitness Village, Abomics, and now MUBIK.

See also: &

 “We anticipate that the DigiRehab consortium will be an ideal springboard reaching out to new horizons in global markets. Their advanced technology, fully compliant with GDPR and MDR regulations, will turn out to be a true asset in a harsh global market.” says Mr. Ilkka Räsänen, CEO of Mubik Entertainment Ltd.

Founded in 2012 and based in Espoo, Finland, Mubik develops music based cognitive applications for health & wellbeing sector, including consumer such as home living elderly and institutional use for therapy.

Espoo, 28.05.2018

Further information:

CEO Ilkka Räsänen, Mubik Entertainment Ltd., Tel. +358 50 5968201,

CEO Rauno Saarnio, DigiRehab Consortium, Tel. +358 40 578 9280,

Press Release – Launch at Slush 2012: Mubik music game makes all of us musicians

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Mubik’s founder Ilkka Räsänen & Mubik Musical Puzzle on the iPad

Our press release related to our launch at the Slush 2012 event on 21.-22.11.2012, in Helsinki.

In case you need a PDF version, here you are:

Press Release – Mubik @ Slush 2012

Lehdistötiedote – Mubik @ Slush 2012

The text versions are here below, you can find the Finnish version of the press release right after the English one.

Mubik music game makes all of us musicians

– Innovative Finnish music game is not only fun, it also helps in health care and education

Would not be great if anyone could play the piano without understanding of notes or the piano keys? Now it is possible – new innovative game Mubik Musical Puzzle™ enables anyone to play their favorite Christmas songs without any note reading skills.

The developer of this music technology innovation, founder & CEO of Mubik Entertainment, Ilkka Räsänen (51), got the original idea eight years ago. After long ideation phase the game will now before the Christmas be finally released for the public. It will be first available for iPhone and iPad.

– “The basic idea of the game is simple: you slide your finger on the colored tiles on your smartphone screen. Each tile corresponds one note and by following the tile path the song will be revealed to you step by step. When a player realize what is the song in question, it is a moment of satisfaction and delight – to be able to play the melody from start to finish correctly”, Räsänen explains.

The leading idea of Mubik Music Puzzle is the fact that the enchantment of music not only consists of a sequence of notes of varying heights, but that is about the tempo, the breaks and the timing between the notes that makes the song identifiable. When a player recognizes the song, she instinctively begins to glide on the tiles exactly to the rhythm of the original song.

– “The wonderful thing about this game is that it can be applied, for example to different kinds of therapy and educational purposes. Think about, for example that a dementia nurse could activate senior citizens in various ways with the help of the game. A neurologist can use Mubik with patients who need to improve their finger trajectories and the connections of those to the brains. Third interesting area of application is children and education where the possibilites are huge”, Räsänen says.

Mubik has already applied for a patent for its technology in the United States. There is lots of interest towards the game, for example it has already attracted researchers (cognitive sciences), and education professionals.

Here’s comments from the research and education professionals:

“Mubik is a fun and interesting music game that provides an easy and innovative way to experience and produce music and, at the same time, train cognitive functions. In my view, Mubik is a promising tool for individuals with special needs and for neurological rehabilitation. In the future, it can potentially be applied for example in the rehabilitation of persons with traumatic brain injury or memory impairment.”

Researcher, Psychologist, PhD Teppo Särkämö, University of Helsinki

“Mubik is an inspirational and exhilarating game of musical expression. The pupils can self-produce music tracks as they wish. The game especially activates pupils with some difficulties in producing music.

In the class room Mubik enables good social interaction between pupils, as they solve musical puzzles in the groups. With the help of the fact that Mubik is easy-to-use, it supports learning by enabling experimenting and finding the solution via exclusion.

Mubik already covers many different music genres, from children’s songs to the classical music, and thus provides suitable usage opportunities for learners of all ages. “

Helena Antola, teacher
Heli Malila, teacher

The Mubik launch

The next major step, launching Mubik for the public, will be taken in Slush 2012 event in Helsinki, in Cable Factory on 21-22. November, 2012. The Slush event is designed to find new and innovative startup companies of the Northern Europe and Russia.


Background information about the developer:

Mr. Ilkka Räsänen is a long-time IT veteran and also a talented amateur guitarist. He has been working both in the large multinational IT corporations and with the health care technology as well. Now he focuses on his music startup and wishes to make a difference, and do something good in the areas of health care and education.

He is passionate about the music and blogs about it – check his blog at

You can also follow Mubik’s Facebook page


Mubikin lehdistötiedote – Slush 2012 -tilaisuus:

Mubik -musiikkipeli saa soittotaidottomatkin onnistumaan ja innostumaan!

Suomalainen Mubik Entertainment julkaisee Slush 2012 -tapahtumassa täysin uudentyyppisen musiikkipelin Mubik Musical Puzzle™. Peli toimii iPhone- ja iPad-sovelluksena.

– Pelin ideana on, että pelaaja liu’uttaa sormeaan näytöllä näkyvien värillisten tiilien päällä. Jokaisen tiilen alle on kätketty yksi sävel ja tiilipolkua seuraamalla paljastuu kokonainen kappale. Pelaajan mielihyvä syntyy siitä, kun hän oivaltaa, mikä kappale on kyseessä ja hän voi soittaa melodian alusta loppuun oikein, kuvailee pelin keksijä Ilkka Räsänen.

Mubikin kantavana ajatuksena on se, ettei musiikin viehätysvoima synny vain peräkkäisistä nuoteista eli erikorkuisista äänistä, vaan siitä että nuotteja sitoo toisiinsa keskinäiset aika-arvot, jännitteet, tauot ja tempo. Kun pelaaja tunnistaa kappaleen, hän alkaa vaistomaisesti soittaa tiiliä eli liu’uttaa sormeaan kappaleen alkuperäisen rytmin mukaisesti.

– Peliä voidaan toivottavasti soveltaa tulevaisuudessa esimerkiksi terapia- ja opetustarkoituksessa. Voidaan ajatella, että esimerkiksi dementiahoitaja aktivoisi ikäihmisiä pelin avulla. Neurologi voisi puolestaan käyttää Mubikia potilaidensa kanssa vaikkapa sormien liikeratojen ja aivojen välisen yhteyden kehittämiseen. Ja lasten parissahan mahdollisuudet ovat rajattomat, maalailee yli 25 vuotta it-alalla työskennellyt Räsänen.

Peli luonnollisesti tarjoaa myös kanavan musiikin tekijöille ja julkaisijoille oman materiaalinsa lisämyynnille. Mubikille on haettu jo patenttia Yhdysvalloista.

“Mubik on hauska ja mielenkiintoinen musiikkipeli, joka tarjoaa innovatiivisen ja helpon tavan kokea ja ilmaista musiikkia sekä samalla harjoittaa kognitiivisia toimintoja. Mubik on lupaava työkalu myös erityisryhmien ja neurologisen kuntoutuksen kannalta, ja tulevaisuudessa sitä voidaan mahdollisesti hyödyntää mm. aivovammapotilaiden ja muistisairaiden kuntoutuksessa.”

Tutkija, psykologian tohtori Teppo Särkämö, Helsingin yliopisto

” Hieno idea – musiikkivisa, jossa soittaja esittää musiikin itse ja sen jälkeen joutuu arvaamaan, mitä soitti. Kiehtova ja kauniin näköinen toteutus. Tämä tuottaa vielä iloa ja oppia hyvin monelle!”

Tulevaisuuden tutkija, DI Risto Linturi, Aalto-yliopisto

“Mubik on innostava musiikillisen ilmaisun peli, jossa oppilas saa itse tuottaa kappaleita haluamallaan tavalla. Peli aktivoi erityisesti oppilaita, joille soittaminen yleensä tuottaa vaikeuksia.”

Luokanopettajat Helena Antola ja Heli Malila, Espoo


Tutustu Mubikiin: sekä

Yhteyden saat myös soittamalla: p. 050 5968 201 / Ilkka Räsänen