MUBIK accepted into DigiRehab consortium

Monday, May 28th, 2018


Mubik Entertainment Ltd. was accepted as a member by the Finnish board of the DigiRehab consortium.

The DigiRehab consortium was founded to integrate the best Finnish companies to co-operate and join forces. The aim is to have best possible preventive rehabilitation services, including several serious games. Mubik will develop direct DigiRehab integration to their forthcoming games and provide services for current applications to co-exist with the DigiRehab Server.

Current members include: SE Innovations, Turku Game Lab, Suunto, GoodLife Technology, eHoiva, Lingsoft, PhysioTools, HUR, Fitness Village, Abomics, and now MUBIK.

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 “We anticipate that the DigiRehab consortium will be an ideal springboard reaching out to new horizons in global markets. Their advanced technology, fully compliant with GDPR and MDR regulations, will turn out to be a true asset in a harsh global market.” says Mr. Ilkka Räsänen, CEO of Mubik Entertainment Ltd.

Founded in 2012 and based in Espoo, Finland, Mubik develops music based cognitive applications for health & wellbeing sector, including consumer such as home living elderly and institutional use for therapy.

Espoo, 28.05.2018

Further information:

CEO Ilkka Räsänen, Mubik Entertainment Ltd., Tel. +358 50 5968201,

CEO Rauno Saarnio, DigiRehab Consortium, Tel. +358 40 578 9280,

MUBIK participates in unique AGEMUS-project to use music as medicine

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Mubik Entertainment Ltd. has been accepted as a partner for a Finnish Academy Key project AGEMUS. Project is lead by Dr. Teppo Särkämö from the Helsinki University Cognitive Brain Research Unit.

The target of the project is to seek new tools for stroke patients using music as a medicine during recovery.  

On a long run the Helsinki University scientific team, together with other participants, would like to provide a set of practical tools to advance the utilization of music in supporting cognitive, emotional, and social well-being both in normal ageing and among those suffering from neurological diseases.

The rapid ageing of the population and the increasing prevalence of age-related neurological diseases, especially stroke and dementia, is a massive challenge to the health care system and society. In order to meet the cognitive, emotional, and social rehabilitation needs of the elderly, there is an urgent need for cost-efficient and widely applicable interventions that go beyond the formal rehabilitation regime. 

In his previous research Dr. Särkämö provided pioneering evidence that listening to music on a daily basis can enhance cognitive, emotional, and neural recovery after a sub-acute stroke and that regular singing can support memory and reduce depression in dementia, especially in the early stages of the illness. In AGEMUS, he will put these valuable clinical findings to practice by utilizing them in the development of stroke care practices and broadening the societal impact of music in the ageing population.

Specifically, Mubik has a major role in a subproject where a gamified approach will be used as a cognitive intervention in sub-acute phase of recovery. Mubik has developed a special music collection, the so called AGEMUS Library. This consists of songs from 1930s to 1970s, which will be validated for their emotional impact, familiarity, and autobiographical relevance. The library can be utilized both in research and in stroke and dementia care units.

The AGEMUS project started early 2017 and will last till 2018. The Mubik related sub-project will be performed in active collaboration with the Turku University Hospital Division of Clinical Neuroscience.


Espoo 15.6.2017


Further information:

CEO Ilkka Räsänen, Mubik Entertainment Ltd., Tel. +358 50 5968201,

Dr. Teppo Särkämö, University of Helsinki, Tel. +358 50 53 99 065,

Music is a Powerful Tool

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Mubik’s CEO & Founder Ilkka Räsänen performing ZZ Top 🙂

As a guitarist I have seen so many times when a person who does not play any instrument starts to find the tunes when singing together in a group. In other words, the magical moment of sharing something with help of music.

I recall reading  an article about our musical memory. I’ll find it very interesting, for example many of us remembers the familiar melodies from commercials as Silja Line or chocolate ads in TV, but only few of us know that those are Antonio Carlos Jobim’s and Mozart’s works. Mubik effectively opens these memory synapses. To recognize the musical pattern and identify the song – it is a pleasure for most of us.

Music brings people together

People who would not otherwise connect in a business encounter might share an interest towards certain music or band. And then they suddenly can start a relationship around that and it opens entirely new kinds of opportunities for cooperation where different people and complementing skills can be combined. I have personally witnessed this a few times. Amazes me again and again. And the fact is that the future of work requires new ways of finding the way for fruitful collaboration.

Another area, totally different, is music in health care. Just recently a Finnish researcher and psychologist told me that within cognitive sciences there’s a lot of research on this topic: how music can be used for training of the cognitive functions and also neurological rehabilitation. I will later on tell you more about this study.

All in all, music is a powerful tool – and can be used for so many good things! Combining fun & real-life benefits!


How Music Can Affect Us

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Beautiful landscape as well as music can affect our minds.

One of the background factors behind my startup is the fact that I do believe in positive effect of music – on many things. One of my favorite areas is how it affects elder people, especially elder people with memory issues.

Let me share a story about my fathers last trip home.

Back in the days of the original innovation of Mubik I paid a visit to the Kuopio region to bring my father home. Something extraordinary happened during this visit that I want to share with you.

My father had got a serious illness called LBD – Lewy Body Dementia, from which he suffered the last 10 years of his life. The illness had taken away his ability to express himself verbally, but he could smile vaguely once in a while to indicate positive feedback.

I had spent quite a bit of energy to engage his mentality. I had tried to bring audio books, video cassettes, CD-records etc. but none of them seemed to have a positive impact on him. When he was younger he loved going to the sauna and therefore I had a habit to go to sauna with him once per week when I visited his nursing home at in eastern Helsinki.

Now, in the summer of 2004 I decided to take him back to his childhood environment where some of his siblings still lived. Even though the visit went well in many ways, no major breakthrough occurred. This all changed as we went to visit my uncle at Siilinjärvi near Kuopio. After a coffee break my uncle suddenly started to sing an old melody that wasn’t familiar to me. Then something happened, my father started to sing the same melody together with him and I could see the blink in his eye and a happy smile on his face. I witnessed a miracle of the magical effect of music!

This is one of the meaningful moments behind my startup, I will share more with you later on!