A Revolutionary Musical Puzzle Game for Mobile Devices


Mubik is a new music technology startup and we have just launched something extraordinary within mobile gaming.

Check out our short video to learn more about Mubik Musical Puzzle and how it works:

It is fair to say that everyone has a personal relationship to music. Most of us love to play with music! Our passion is to analyze what happens in our brain when music captures our attention and imagination. Author Robert Jourdain has written a book by name “Music, the brain & ecstasy” in which he cleverly analyzes many entertaining aspects of music. The four key aspects introduced by him are tension, anticipation, fulfillment and element of surprise.

With these key aspects in mind we have developed an entirely new way of playing with music. We are introducing a new gaming model that attracts all of us – senior people as well as adults, young people and children – to this new gaming experience! As a genuine “edutainment” type of application it also serves aspects beyond gaming, namely musical education, and treatment & therapy.

Mubik Musical Puzzle puts a gamer to the drivers seat!


Mubik’s founder Ilkka Räsänen & Mubik Musical Puzzle on the iPad

The Launch

The Mubik launch took place at the leading Northern European startup event Slush in Helsinki, November 21-22, 2012.

Thank you all who came to meet us! It was a pleasure!

Please check out our press release for the event – you can find it in English and in Finnish here.

We are continuously developing Mubik – with speed & passion. During 2013 Mubik Entertainment will be providing games, tools & data for everyone seeking joy on her musical journey for fulfillment in life.

Discover your inner artist!