Music is a Powerful Tool

Mubik’s CEO & Founder Ilkka Räsänen performing ZZ Top 🙂

As a guitarist I have seen so many times when a person who does not play any instrument starts to find the tunes when singing together in a group. In other words, the magical moment of sharing something with help of music.

I recall reading  an article about our musical memory. I’ll find it very interesting, for example many of us remembers the familiar melodies from commercials as Silja Line or chocolate ads in TV, but only few of us know that those are Antonio Carlos Jobim’s and Mozart’s works. Mubik effectively opens these memory synapses. To recognize the musical pattern and identify the song – it is a pleasure for most of us.

Music brings people together

People who would not otherwise connect in a business encounter might share an interest towards certain music or band. And then they suddenly can start a relationship around that and it opens entirely new kinds of opportunities for cooperation where different people and complementing skills can be combined. I have personally witnessed this a few times. Amazes me again and again. And the fact is that the future of work requires new ways of finding the way for fruitful collaboration.

Another area, totally different, is music in health care. Just recently a Finnish researcher and psychologist told me that within cognitive sciences there’s a lot of research on this topic: how music can be used for training of the cognitive functions and also neurological rehabilitation. I will later on tell you more about this study.

All in all, music is a powerful tool – and can be used for so many good things! Combining fun & real-life benefits!


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